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What is Instant Domain Search?

Instant domain search is a name given to a domain search tools that check domain name availability as you type. Turbo Domain Search is one of the instant domain search tools where it is one of the fast domain search tools all around the web with modern web approaches.

Since being the fastest domain name availability checker is an important feature in the domain lookup tools, Turbo Domain Search makes a quick domain search to check domain name availability for multiple domain TLDs of a given input, furthermore it also provides domain registration prices for multiple domain registrars and it checks social media username availabilities so that when you are trying to name your business or startup idea, everything is provided to you where you will never need an another tool to do so.

How to Check Domain Availability?

Checking website name availability is made easy with Turbo Domain Search, it allows you to check availability of not just domain names, but also social media usernames instantly. This way before you have your heart set on a domain, you can check URL availability using the instant domain search tool. Just fill the input above, and voila, our instant domain checker will check to see if a domain is available for all domain extensions, then will report you back whether which TLD (Top-Level Domain) are registrable or not.

Since checking the domain name availabilities are fast, free, and limitless with Turbo Domain Search, you can query as many as you want until you find the ideal domain name for your business idea with our quick domain search tool. Moreover, if the domain name is taken by an another person before, with clicking the WHOIS text beneath the TLD of your domain name search, whois information will be revealed to you.

How To Buy a Domain Name Using the Instant Domain Search Tool?

Once you have checked domain availability on Instant Domain Search, simply select one of the domain name registrars, GoDaddy, NameCheap, and 1&1, All these domain registrars offer to sell domain names, and choosing which one is a personal choice. One of the many features Instant Domain Search offers is that you can change the currency, to view how much the domain will cost you in your local currency, furthermore you can compare the prices registrars offer as each of them may sell the same domain name for a different price.

Once you have selected the currency, and the domain registrar, entered your desired domain name, you will see instant results. After seeing the results, simply click on one of the domain TLDs beneath the search input which makes you feel that it fits your needs. For instance, when you click on .com TLD, you will be automatically redirected to the domain name registrar you have picked, and the process of buying your domain name will begin. From here, you will be able to go step by step and fill in the requirements the website needs to help you get started online. There are a number of extras that you can pick from, for instance, whois guard which protects your information from the public. These little extras will add a little to your price, but will help you to get better customer experience.

How to Check Social Media Username Availability?

Instant domain search tool also checks social media username availability instantly. With this tool you can check the social media username availability on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Vimeo. Just fill the input above, then you will learn whether the usernames on those social media websites are already taken or not.

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Updated on May 25, 2018.